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With a clientele ranging from individuals to private companies, multinational conglomerates and governments, Fortitude offers worldwide security-consulting services at all levels. Fortitude helps government agencies and private-sector companies to develop comprehensive security plans and manage the response to intentional attacks or accidents. Experienced specialists and a fully integrated approach furnish Fortitude with the professional edge to provide security solutions for the entire scope of critical infrastructure facilities, marine and airports, protective services and more. With a proactive approach, Fortitude helps it clients identify, prevent and respond to security incidents. Our preventive means begin with in-depth intelligence analysis and on ground surveys, and include security planning based on integrated technology and operational proficiency. Awareness of well-trained personnel assisted by set procedures can prevent incidents before they happen and enable an effective response when required.


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Ha-Kharoshet St 8, Or Yehuda, ISRAEL

  • Phone: +972-72-2223737