Fortitude Intl

Critical infrastructure

Through innovative integration of both covert & overt security arrays, Fortitude has developed a unique, multi-tier security concept. The result is a highly effective & seamless security cordon. Fortitude’s multi-disciplinary security methodology is based on: early identification of potential attackers via intelligence gathered on suspects; the investigation of suspicious indications such as dress, behaviour; and the analysis of speech & identifying characteristics. Covert monitoring is employed through the use of security personnel specially trained in qualitative operational & intelligence activities. These programs are designed specifically to address: Cultural understanding & language, security awareness, physical site protection, first response methods, firearms training, medical response & casualty assessment, etc. Other areas covered include: threat recognition & thwarting, defensive action & rapid response – with the specific objective of enhancing the physical security array & operational capabilities – technological systems & equipment, training and the regular updating of procedures.


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